CNC Automation

Mousa-Engineering develops complete solution for CNC machines from the software solution and the installation of hardware components to the implementation of the whole system.

As a Certified System Integrator from the company Power Automation GmbH we provide projecting of the implementation and retrofits for all kind of machine tools with our PC-Based CNC controller PA8000 series from. We are specially trained and certified and have the know how to implement our CNC-automation systems for your requirements. We offer:

  • Implementing of CNC CAD/CAM Software
  • PLC programming
  • Complete retrofits
  • HMI programming with Qt language.
  • Compile-Cycle programming
  • Training
  • CNC start-up


adopt of the CAD/CAM software into the CNC controller

adopt of the CAD/CAM software into the CNC controller


The PA8000 CNC serie with the digital drives and motors and the extension modules


Programming of HMI using Qt language on a very modern display with control panel

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